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  • New Arrival ! Solenoid Valve For Komatsu--KEYOPO
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How To Choose The Solenoid?
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The solenoid appears in every aspect of our life, correspondingly there will be many different types in the market for us to choose. Before we plan to buy it, we need to know something about it so as to clear which solenoid will meet our needs. There are some selection conditions as follow:

Output Requirement
Stroke & Force: the stroke is the distance from the slide bar to the armature core or the distance from which the solenoid acts. While the force is the attractive force produced by the solenoid during a certain stroke after it is electrified. Their general rule is that the greater the stroke, the less the force.

Response Time: it is the time from the solenoid is electrified to the time required for the slide bar to complete the displacement.

Maximum power-on time: the solenoid will heat up when it is energized. The longest power-on time and the power of the solenoid determine the temperature rise, while the temperature rise and the temperature of the working environment determine the selection of the insulation grade of the solenoid’s material.

Input Conditions
Power Type: the power supply can be divided into alternating current and direct current (constant voltage source, constant current source, battery, dry battery, DC generator and capacitor).

Diodes for Rectification: in the application of solenoid, if the current power supply is AC, it needs to be converted to DC by a rectifier. And in principle, it should be designed as full-wave rectification. The reverse peak voltage of the rectifier element should be three times the driving voltage of the electromagnet.

Environmental factors and Service Life
Environmental factors and service life are both important considerations when selecting materials and surface treatment methods for the solenoid. Environmental factors include temperature, humidity, magnetic fields, the pollution or corrosion of gas, liquid or solid, vibration, impact, etc.

Connection Mode
Setup Connection: external bolt, screw holes in the solenoid housing, slot embedding.

Power Connection: lead, lead + terminal, 187 fast connection pin.

All the selection conditions we mentioned above are the things we should know when we are choosing the solenoid so that what we choose can meet our actual need.