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The Top 4 Symptoms Of A Faulty Speed Sensor
Source: | Author:pmo0bc605 | Published time: 2019-09-18 | 1481 Views | Share:
If either or both sensors were to malfunction, then you would experience a wide variety of symptoms from your vehicle. These are not symptoms that you could tolerate for very long because they will gravely impact your ability to drive safely.

Below are the top 4 symptoms of a faulty speed sensor that you should watch for.

1.Malfunctioning Cruise Control
– The transmission speed sensors need to be functional if your cruise control mechanism is going to work properly. If the engine control unit cannot receive the proper information about the vehicle speed, then your cruise control will never be able to maintain the same speed. The engine control unit will be able to detect this problem, so it automatically prevents cruise control from being used until the problem is fixed. If you do not normally use cruise control but you expect your speed sensors are faulty, test them out by attempting to use cruise control and see what happens.

2.Check Engine Light
– When the “Check Engine” light illuminates, this could mean almost anything. But if you have malfunctioning cruise control and a Check Engine light coming on, this is a clear indication of a faulty speed sensor. After all, the engine control unit depends on having valid speed information regarding the engine’s crankshaft. If it does not receive this accurate information, it will signal to the driver by automatically illuminating the “Check Engine” light.

3.Long Shifting Intervals
– The engine control unit communicates with the transmission. If the transmission speed sensors end up failing, the unit won’t be able to properly manage the gear shifting actions that you make. As a result, you may notice the timing of your shifting will be off. This means there will be a small waiting period between each shift that you make.

4.Difficulty Shifting
– Along with the shifting intervals that you will experience, shifting the stick will be more difficult in general. You may notice the stick shift either feeling rougher as you try to change gears, or it will feel too fast. In order to be a safe driver, the shifting experience needs to be smooth. It should not be too hard or too easy.