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Common Solenoid Valve Problems
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Solenoid valve Problems 1—-Spool problem
Solenoid Valve Problems 2—Bent guide tube
Solenoid Valve Problems 3—-Solenoid Coil Burning Out

Solenoid valve Problems 1—-Spool problem

When the medium pressure of the solenoid valve is normal, press the manual button of the solenoid valve, the solenoid valve has no reaction, indicating that the spool must be bad.
1. Check if there is a lot of impurities in the liquid medium.
2. Then remove accumulated water or impurities from the solenoid valve and piping.
3. If you can’t do it again, please repair or replace the valve core, or simply replace the entire solenoid valve.

Solenoid Valve Problems 2—Bent guide tube

The solenoid valve could have been dropped. Check straightness of the armature and free movement of the plunger against its spring. Only install solenoid valves using appropriately sized spanner on the end connections.

Solution :Replace the armature / install the valve correctly / protect the coil from possible knocks.

Solenoid Valve Problems 3—-Solenoid Coil Burning Out

Solution: Isolate and dismantle the valve, clean the interior with solvent and compressed air and if necessary, install a filter upstream of the valve.
The inside of a solenoid valve is machined to a high tolerance. Scraping the inside of a solenoid valve could cause damage – never clean by scraping with sharp tools.
There is also a need to consider if the fluid is reacting with the valve construction materials causing corrosion. An alternative construction of the valve may be required.