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How to Make Solenoid Coil?
Source:lemon | Author:cynthia | Publish time: 2017-12-29 | 2869 Views | Share:

Following materials we need to make the Solenoid Coil.

1. Magnet wire 26 to 28 gauge.

2. 12 Volt Battery

3. Rs.2 Coin

4. Empty pen plastic pipe

5.Marker pen

6.PCB Drill hand machine

7.Small file

8.Cutter blade

9. scaleruler

10. Wiring casing camping Patti

11.Heavy duty scissors.

Step 1: Step 2

Now take the empty pen plastic pipe.

Mark the 6 centimeter/ 2.36 inch from scale ruler.

Make the round from marker.

Step 2: Step 3

Step 3: Step 4

Now cut the Both marking point from small cutter.

Cut it carefully.

Step 3: Step 4

Now cut the end of the point of pen plastic pipe.

Cut it carefully.

Step 5: Step 6

Round its outside the marker.

Make its two round.

Step 6: Step 7

Cut the marking round from the Heavy duty scissors.

Step 7: Step 8

Take the two cutting round.

Make its polish from small file. OR sand paper.

Clear the border of this two round.

Step 8: Step 9

Make the small hole from PCB Drill hand machine for the starter point of the magnet wire.

Make the two hole.

One is the start point of the magnet wire its a positive point.

& other of ends point of the magnet wire its a negative point.

Step 9: Step 10

And last take the two round making from the plastic casing capping wiring Patti.

Make the correct hole of middle of the this two plastic round.

Put it on the both side of the empty pen plastic pipe.

put the two droops from feviquic OR epoxy of the both side of this two round.

Make the sure its fit for the plastic pipe.

Wait one mints.

winding the magnet wire for the this plastic coil.

Be sure its a 600 turns.

Step 10: Step 11

Joint this two point of magnet wire Positive or negative point to the 12 volt battery.